Konzum Rubeši, Rubeši, 51215 Kastav – Grocery shop 1,0 km away by car or 500 m away on foot

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Plodine Srdoči, Ul. Mate Lovraka bb, 51000 Rijeka – Grocery shop 2,2 km away by car or 1,8 km away on foot

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Lidl Matulji, Kvarnerska cesta 53, 51211 Matulji – Grocery shop 3,2 km away by car

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Petrol Martinkovac jug, Martinkovac bb, 51000 Rijeka – Gas station 2,0 km away by car

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Adria OIL d.o.o. Spinčići, Spinčići 38, 51215 Kastav – Gas station 2,3 km away by car

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Beach situated on Milić Jardas promenade (concrete and stone beach), Opatijska ulica 39, 51000 Rijeka – beach 6,6 km away by car, free parking, children park, coffee shop

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Beach Preluk (concrete beach), Preluk, 51000 Rijeka – beach 5,2 km away by car, free parking, coffe shop, because of the wind early in the morning the beach is paradise for surfers

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Beach Ploče (pebble beach), Podkoludricu 2, 51000 Rijeka – beach 6,2 km away, parking in a garage about 0,5 Euro per hour, restaurant, coffe shop, grocerie shop. Beach Ploče is located under the Kantrida pools.
The beach is surrounded by a buoy, you can play basketball on the water, there is water ramp for the disabled persons, emergency services, restaurants, changing rooms, showers, toilets, garage, playground for beach volleyball.
The winner of the Blue Flag , which is a symbol of quality of supply and purity of the sea.

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Beach Ičići (concrete and pebble beach), the beach is made of the concrete slabs with pebble parts that are suitable for children’s games. The winner of the Blue Flag , which is a symbol of quality of supply and purity of the sea.

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Mošćenička Draga beach (small stones beach-pebble beach), if you want to enjoy one of the best beaches in Europe 2017, according to Europe’s Best Destinations, you have to visit this beach.

Apart from the crystal clear sea, and its accessibility, the beach is equipped with parasols, showers, deckchairs. Beside the beach-side catering facilities, guests can also enjoy a range of sports facilities and equipment (scooters, boats, pedal boats, scuba diving schools).

The winner of the Blue Flag , which is a symbol of quality of supply and purity of the sea.

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Medveja beach (small stones beach-pebble beach), the perfect place for those who prefer a pleasant sunbathing but also for those who want to spend more active vacation because the Medveja beach offers unique sports facilities, an aqua park and a variety of water content. There is an outdoor beach bar on the beach of Medveja with a carefully selected cocktail bar, a café for enjoying good coffee and a restaurant where you can enjoy sea and meat specialties.

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Bistro Mala riba, Tometići 33 a, 51215 Kastav – small fish restaurant 2,3 km away, free parking, not expensive, only freshly caught fish from the owners boat. If you like fish you shouldn’t miss this, cozy restaurant with the most friendly staff – and the best fish dishes in town! Try day specials!

See Bistro Mala riba

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Konoba Ive, Miroslav Krleže 14, 51000 Rijeka – small fish restaurant 2,3 km away, free parking, not expensive, fresh fish

See Konoba Ive

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Pizzeria Rustica, Belveder 3, 51215 Kastav – small pleasantly decorated pizzeria in a very pleasant domestic atmosphere with a beautiful view of the Kvarner bay that is just 2,1 km away from the apartment

See Pizzeria Rustica

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Restoran Loža Kastav, Prolaz Ante Dukića 1, 51215 Kastav – Loža restaurant and cafe is located at the entrance to the old town of Kastav just 2,0 km away from the apartment. Great location is lovely decorated, and in summer a pleasant terrace and its shade are the right place for a meal. The service is professional and a large selection of meat dishes and pizza should satisfy all.

See Restoran Loža Kastav

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We can organize you trips by car, bus or by boat. We are at your disposal, we will offer you best service at lowest prices. Please inform us about your wishes.

We reccomend you fantastic journey beneath the surface of the Earth. Excursion to Postojna Cave, and its exciting interior just 63 km away from our apartment. Deep beneath the surface of Postojna in southwestern Slovenia, there lies a whole different world. This unique place is home to a sprawling cave system – the Postojna Cave – one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia.
There is, however, only one main way in and out for visitors … and that involves a train!
Yes, you read that correctly. The Postojna Cave in Slovenia has a train that carries passengers deep into the recesses of the caverns. Even more impressive is that there is not just one set of rails … but two. It is the only cave in the world with a double-track railway.
The cave officially opened to the public in 1819 with Archduke Ferdinand I of Austria as its first visitor, although signatures found on the Walls that date back to the 13th Century suggest many had explored the cave prior to it being “discovered” by Luka Čeč in 1818. In the summer of 2013, they welcomed their 35 millionth visitor.

See Postojna cave

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Tower Centre Rijeka – 12 km away from the apartment, opened in November 2006. It has an area of over 125,000 square meters with more than 150 shops and eight mega shops. The gallery of shops runs through five storeys of an elegant and functional space in which you will find an excellent selection of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories of renowned world brands, sports equipment, a rich offer of household appliances and furniture, a pharmacy and gift shops, a bank and an exchange office. Moreover, the Tower Centre Rijeka is a pleasant entertainment location. In the centre you will find various catering facilities, a play-room, a multiplex movie theatre and other entertainment and leisure facilities.

See Tower center Rijeka

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ZTC Rijeka – 5,8 km away from the apartment, over 50 different shops can be found in the Western Commercial Centre, over three floors. With its appearance, the Centre reflects the outlines of the Kvarner Bay and is divided into two main golden structures. A sea view is ensured through the panoramic elevators. Open every day, it offers its customers brands which have never been present in the region before as well as a number of different offers for all generations. Besides the shops, ZTC offers places for gastronomic refreshment and for those looking to spend time with a cup of coffee and other beverages.

See ZTC Rijeka

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Thalasso Wellness Center Opatija – 8,0 km away from the apartment

See Thalasso Wellness Center Opatija

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Tantra Spa & Beauty – Grand Hotel Adriatic – 8,2 km away from the apartment

See Tantra Spa & Beauty – Grand Hotel Adriatic

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Grand hoteli 4 opatijska cvijeta – 6,6 km away from the apartment

See Grand hoteli 4 opatijska cvijeta

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Royal Spa – Hotel Milenij – 6,9 km away from the apartment

See Royal Spa – Hotel Milenij

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Five Elements – Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador – 6,2 km away from the apartment

See Five Elements – Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador

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Spending holidays in Croatia and not visit some of its 8 national parks would be the biggest mistake. Our apartment is close to few of them. We recommend you: NP Brijuni and NP Plitvice.
NATIONAL PARK BRIJUNI – 91,7 km away from the apartment
The Brijuni or the Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula by the narrow Fažana Strait. The largest island, Veliki Brijun Island (also known as Brioni Grande or Veli Brijun), (5.6 km2), lies 2 kilometres (1 mile) off the coast. The other islands are Mali Brijun, San Marco, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinič, Galija, Grunj, Krasnica (Vanga), Madona, Vrsar, Jerolim and Kozada. Famous for their scenic beauty, the islands are a holiday resort and a Croatian National Park.
Your excursion will start from our apartment. You will drive from our apartment to Fažana which is 91,0 km away. Then you will park your car and buy tickets to sightseeing tour which includes a ride by boat, a ride by tourist train, visit to the remains of the Roman villa rustica from the I century B.C. in the bay of Verige, and the safari park which breeds the following animals: zebra, Somali sheep, zebu (the holy east Indian humped ox), dromedary, llama and elephant.
The tour also includes visits to the  Church of St. Germain with permanent exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic writings from Istra.. The sightseeing of the island of Veliki Brijun is organized under un expert guidance in Croatian, Italian, Germain, Russian and English. If you want to visit the island by yourselves you can rent a golf car and drive around the island by yourselves.


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NATIONAL PARK PLITVIČKA JEZERA – 181,0 km away from the apartment
Plitvice Lakes National Park – colloquial Plitvice, is one of the oldest national parks in southern Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. The national park is world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Currently, 16 lakes can be seen from the surface. The national park was founded in 1949 and is situated in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia, at the border to Bosnia and Hercegovina. The protected area extends over 296.85 square kilometres (73,350 acres). Each year, more than 1.1 million visitors are recorded. TICKET PRICE (INCLUDE ELECTRIC BOAT,TRAIN AND TURIST GUIDE) IN PEAK OF THE SEASON: ADULTS 23 EURO, CHILDREN 7-18 YEAR 10,5 EURO


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Take them to Aquapark Istralandia which is 77,4 km away. Have fun in water activities. You will enjoy your time.

See Aquapark Istralandia

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Trieste – 72,7 km away from the apartment.

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Venezia – 3,5 hours away from the apartment.
We can help you organize your one day excursion to Venezia. Trip starts from our apartment. You drive from the apartment to town Poreč in Istria about 81,7 km and then take the boat to Italy. Driving by car takes about one hour and 11 minutes and then you drive by boat for about 2,5 hours.

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Don’t worry, our 4 apartments can cozy accommodate up to 28 people.


The International Carnival Parade is the jewel in the crown of the carnival festivities in Kvarner and beyond. Competitions in creativity, humour and originality, fireworks of colours and shapes result in a parade of hundreds of allegorical floats, thousands of masks and a countless number of visitors from home and abroad.
Since the day it was organised for the first time, by the Rijeka Tourist Board, in 1982, the renewed Rijeka Carnival has, in the best possible way, continued with the centuries-long masking tradition in the Croatian Littoral and has placed the city on the Rječina River amongst the most important European carnival cities. When, in 1982, three masked groups (namely, carnival groups “Lako ćemo”, “Pehinarski feštari” and “Halubje Bellringers”) passed through Korzo, nobody foresaw the proportions that the already traditional International Rijeka Carnival would assume over the years. The International Carnival Parade is only one of the programmes of this important event which brings together an ever growing number of participants and visitors both from Croatia and abroad. Today we are not only preserving the traditions, but creating them ourselves. We are creating them through new experiences, parties, masks and new times. We do this in an organised and imaginative way, following the contemporary conditions. The International Carnival Parade is a festival of traditional and urban carnival groups which operate as citizen’s associations and by their masks they tend to comment on actual social events. Nowhere in the world will you be able to experience such a distinctive blend of a European civil carnival based on historical and cultural customs and elements of folklore and mythology, so be whatever you want, come to the Rijeka Carnival! It is difficult to describe the Rijeka Carnival in words or fully capture it in photos or television broadcasts. The Rijeka Carnival must be lived and experienced! So we invite you all to the Rijeka Carnival – where you can be whatever you want!

The Children’s Carnival Parade is a carnival event in which the youngest generations from Croatia and abroad take part, when a river of little ones in a colourful masked parade floods Rijeka’s Korzo. On that day, numerous characters from fairytales and beautiful creatures of imagination are the main protagonists of the Rijeka Carnival, attracting numerous visitors from all over the world. These masked children are a guarantee and a promise that the carnival tradition will never perish in this area, but will live for centuries transmitting the spirit of masquerading to future generations who will learn to appreciate their ancestors’ heritage.


KORZO – Rijeka is reflected in Korzo, at Korzo you can read Rijeka. Anyone who, at least once, had a coffee at one of the terraces of numerous and picturesque café bars lined along this unusual promenade, would agree. Anyone who was at least once sitting on one of the benches placed at Korzo, precisely for this purpose, as well as-those who were looking at the most picturesque city’s street from the “top” of some of the most popular meeting places of Rijeka’s citizens, located at the top floors of buildings. Rijeka’s citizens are loyal to Korzo in both their winter coats and fluttering summer dresses. They equally visit it under umbrellas and when blown by the bora, a wind that is, just like Korzo, a specific feature of this town built along the riverbanks, oriented towards the sea for centuries. They are here to repel the autumn sorrow and to be the harbingers of spring. Inextricable are the threads connecting Rijeka’s “number 1 street” and its citizens. Korzo is the place where people gather and move apart, where they hang out, do business, make acquaintances, but also go shopping. The citizens of Rijeka can do whatever they want at Korzo. They can see and be seen. Some would say that Korzo is the place where the live city newspapers are written daily. They are both written and read by the citizens themselves, but also by all those who come to Rijeka from all over the world. Oh, you can’t even imagine how Korzo likes to show off in front of them… It swaggers in the full splendour of its facades on which the rich and turbulent history of Rijeka is written. It struts its fountains, its city clock that like a centuries old guardian watches over this promenade. Korzo also attracts with a rich offer of its souvenir shops, offering “morčić” and “torpedo” as something that belongs only to it, something that will whisper to every traveller even in a hundred years – I am from Rijeka, I am a brand of the city on Rječina. Korzo is the place where you can hear the typical rhythm of Rijeka’s steps which, regardless of the time of day, echo through this main Rijeka’s street.  Thousands of sounds are merging here. And the smells… That of the morning coffee, delicious pizza or seafood coming from some of the numerous restaurants located close to Korzo. And the evening smell, imbued with a “youthful touch”, the touch of going out and having a good time. Because an evening or a night at Korzo are synonyms for entertainment. It is the time when café bars become clubs, and laugh and music is what dominates Korzo. And while the neighbourhoods at the edge of the city are in deep sleep, Korzo does not need sleep. Every part of it lives its life to the fullest, and has been doing so for centuries.


As early as at the beginning of the 20th century Korzo started to assume its modern-day outlines. The main promenade and the meeting point for Rijeka’s citizens, as well as the area for erecting the symbolic palaces representing various styles including the Classical, Historical, Secessional, Modernist… The urban regulation, taking place in the mid-19th century, was only a prelude to a growing pace of reclamation and major public constructions which would soon ensue on the made up ground. However, already at that point the centuries old image of a littoral town straitened by its walls started to fade away. Today, it is hard to believe that until the moat was filled and the city walls pulled down, in the second half of the 18th century, this was only gravel seashore with a few wooden quays and storehouses, a shipyard and the city lodge next to which cereals, fish and salt were traded.


St. Jerome’s Church and Dominican Monastery

St. Jerome’s church and the area of the current Dominican monastery belong to a great monastery complex founded for the Augustinians…

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Capuchin Monastery

The Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes was built from 1904 until 1929 according to the design of the engineers Giovanni Maria Curet and Cornelio Budinich.

Former Governor’s Palace

The construction of the Governor’s Palace began in 1892 at the time of the Governor Lajos Batthyány and based on the design of one of the leading Hungarian architects of the time, Alajos Hauszmann

St. Vitus’ Cathedral

The St. Vitus’ Cathedral is the only Baroque rotunda of monumental proportions built on Croatian soil. The construction of this church, designed by the Jesuit architect brother G. Brian, began in 1638.

Old Gateway or Roman Arch

The Old Gateway or Roman Arch is not a Roman triumphal arch, as was once presumed, but a representative main entrance to the centre of the Late Antique command compound of the Roman Tarsatica, an ancient town on whose ruins the medieval Rijeka was built.

Palace of Justice

The existing urban-architectural complex is mainly Art Nouveau style, constructed in the early 20th century, after a feudal castle, located on the site of today’s Palace of Justice, was demolished.

City Tower

City Tower, a symbol of Rijeka and a good example of a typical round tower access-point, which lead into the fortified town. Today it dominates the central part of Korzo, although during its lifetime it was overtopped by more recently constructed buildings.


Since 1700 the Square of Riječka rezolucija has served as a playground for the children of the patricians, and this is where Stendarac is located, a stone flagpole erected as instructed by Emperor Maximilian.

Church of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian

Church of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian is a small building, but with a very long biography. It is all important, first of all, for the history of Rijeka’s health culture, since it is dedicated to the protector against the plague.


Today, the temple in Rijeka is the only purpose-built synagogue in Croatia. It is protected as immovable cultural heritage.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Leaning Tower

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was never destined to become a cathedral, even though the walls are evidence that the church has been here for centuries.


Rijeka is a city with an unusual, turbulent past that could be compared to an olive tree: long-lasting, twisted, with fruits of a bitter taste. However, the oil is good. Discover the story behind Rijeka’s past in its museums, their rich collections and exhibitions.

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, which was established in 1961, comprises maritime, historical and cultural, ethnographic and archaeological departments, and is headquartered in the former Governor’s Palace, a historicist edifice and protected cultural monument.

Natural History Museum Rijeka

In addition to the botanical garden, the museum has a multimedia centre with an aquarium containing species from the Adriatic Sea.

City Museum of Rijeka

The museum is the city institution engaged in systematic collection, professional and scientific analysis of the museum material thematically related to the industrial, cultural and social (political) history of Rijeka.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum houses the collection of the works of art by Rijeka’s artists from the 19th century and both Croatian and foreign artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Peek&Poke – Computer Museum

The museum has over 2000 exhibits of international and Croatian computer, audio, video and photo technology. PEEK & POKE MUSEUM – Opened on 22nd of September 2007, PEEK&POKE is one of the few permanent displays of vintage computing technology in Europe. Located in the centre of the city of Rijeka and spread across 300 square meters of space, it contains more than 1000 exhibits of the world and local computer history, ranging from very early calculators and game consoles to rare and obsolete computers from the nineties.

Memorial library and collection Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić, Villa Ružić

The library and the Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić collection are located at Pećine, in Rijeka, inside the villa of the famous Rijeka’s family Ružić.

Peek&Poke – Childhood Museum

The first Croatian museum dedicated to childhood, games, books and toys loved by many generations before they “decided” to become all grown up and serious.

St. Vitus’ Cathedral Sacral Collection

The collection is located in an extremely attractive location, in a gallery above the internal part and the altar of the church, while the treasury is in the atrium of the Cathedral.

Treasury and Gallery of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat

The Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia, which is daily visited by numerous pilgrims both from Croatia and abroad.

University Library Rijeka – The Glagolitic Script Exhibition

The Glagolitic alphabet exhibition in the University Library is a permanent exhibition with 127 items, each telling a story about the extensibility and importance of this alphabet in both Croatian and European cultural history.

Permanent exhibitions at the Rijeka Faculty of Maritime Studies

Titanic-Carpathia … 100 years later / Maritime Military Academy, 1866-1914 / Giants of the Sea


Nature lovers and more active visitors can discover the city in a different way – by exploring Rijeka’s promenades by the sea, its urban or forest areas, and for those less active “green” parks are the best option for taking a break during a walk around Rijeka. Below we present some of the promenades and parks that Rijeka offers…

Theatre Park

The Theatre Park is a popular gathering place for Rijeka’s citizens, located in the heart of the city, in front of the “Ivan pl. Zajc” Croatian National Theatre and facing the city market.

Mlaka Park

Mlaka Park, also known as Giardino Pubblico, is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Rijeka.

Nikola Host Park

Apart from Mlaka Park, Nikola Host’s Park is one of the oldest in Rijeka.

Vladimir Nazor Park

This park continues uphill from Nikola Host’s Park and here you can find the Natural History Museum with its beautiful botanical garden that was opened in 2005.

National Hero’s Park

Trsat Park extends covers an area stretching from 95 to 145 metres above sea level. This tiny small part of nature preserved in the city was created in the period between the two world wars (in 1926) according to the design of following the project bythe architect, Zlatko Prikril and the horticultural expert, Josip Kulfanek.

Joža Vlahović’s Park – Skate Park

This park is located on Krnjevo and besides its expected regular park contents is most famous asbest known for being the first and so far the only official skate park in Rijeka.

Park of Prof. Vinko Frančišković, PhD

Being the closest park to the Rijeka railway station, it is an ideal place for rest and refreshment of passengers.

Park of Our Lady of Trsat

Built inside the walls of the Trsat Shrine, these terraced landscaped gardens, dating back to 1927, are a spacious and quiet place to relax after sightseeing or pilgrimage to Our Lady of Trsat.

A ring of Rijeka’s promenades

A ring of Rijeka’s promenades was conceived as a semicircular connection between the extreme south-eastern point (Plumbum) and the extreme north-western point (Preluk) of the city of Rijeka, thus creating the possibility of crossing the entire city on foot.

Lungomare (promenade) Kantrida-Costabella-Preluk

The promenade from Kantrida (Bivio) to Preluk connects a number of larger and smaller beaches and bays.


The current Breakwater in the main port basin is known as “molo longo” due to its 1707 m length. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade.

Rječina River canyon

The marked walking-excursionist trail called “Promenade along the Rječina River”, from Trsat to the spring of Rječina, is a popular destination for excursionists.

Veli vrh

Veli vrh offers a unique view that stretches over the entire Kvarner Bay, the islands of Krk and Cres, the Učka Mountain as well as the town of Grobnik.