KASTAV- charming, art, old town

Our apartments are located in Kastav, beautiful and charming old little town. Loved by artists, loved by nature lovers… it is Kastav or “the town on a hill” with one of the most beautiful views of Kvarner. Kastav offers everything- from quality musical performances, recreation in natural environment to visiting museums and sightseeing, always accompanied by top gastronomic and oenological pleasures. The cultural and tourist offer of the town is enriched by numerous art ateliers and galleries situated in the old town, which are one of the main charms of this town. You can visit the magnificent old town, the lookout… after that you can have a cup of coffee in one of its catering facilities or you can just go for a walk, run or cycle along one of the marked trails in its woods Loza and Lužina. Thanks to its diversity, charm, artistic mood, hospitality and warmth, you will remember Kastav for a very long time. www.kastav-touristinfo.hr

RIJEKA city- alternative, peaceable, city of rock music

Rijeka is the main seaport and the third largest city in Croatia, located on Kvarner Bay, with a population of 128,624 inhabitants. It is a city with rich culture, an unusual, turbulent past and a beautiful, diverse and rich architecture. It’s a peaceable town, a bit alternative, turned to young people and a rock music. Reflected in Korzo, main promenade, where you can “read” Rijeka. Anyone who, at least once, had a coffee at one of the terraces of numerous and picturesque café bars lined along it, would agree. Korzo is the place where people gather and move apart, where they hang out, do business, make acquaintances, but also go shopping. Every season in Rijeka provides a particular kind of entertainment. Sports, music, drama, gastro events… something for everyone. One of the main recognizability of this city is Rijeka’s International Carnival- the third greatest carnival in the world. The Rijeka Carnival has been added to the list of the 500 most important events in Europe – Top 500 European Events, and the Sunday Times declared it one of the most exotic world events, included in the book “501 must be there events”.

TOP 10

  • Korzo- main promenade
  • City tower- a symbol of Rijeka
  • Trsat castle- lies at the exact spot of an ancient Illyrian and Roman fortress, on a hill 138 meters above sea level dominating Rijeka, great view
  • St. Vitus Cathedral- the only Baroque rotunda of monumental proportions built on
  • Croatian soil, the construction began in 1638
  • Ivan Kobler Square
  • Shrine of our lady of Trsat and the Trsat Franciscian monastery
  • City market- by the sea shore
  • Rijeka’s beaches
  • Old town
  • Natural history museum Rijeka


  • The maritime and history museum of the Croatian littoral Rijeka
  • Natural history museum Rijeka
  • Museum of modern and contemporary art
  • Peek&Poke- computer museum
  • Peek&Poke- childhood museum
  • City museum of Rijeka
  • University Library Rijeka- the glagolitic script exhibition


  • Former Governor’s Palace
  • Church of our lady of Lourdes and the Capuchins monastery
  • Synagogue
  • St’ Jeromes church and Dominican monastery
  • Palace of justice


  • Rijeka International carnival- winter
  • Croatian National theatre Ivan pl. Zajc
  • Blitz Cinestar cinema
  • Galleries
  • Stadium Kantrida- between the sea and the rocks
  • Rijeka summer nights- city becomes a theater stage
  • Ri Rock festival- music rock festival
  • Fiumanka- summer sailing manifestation
  • Hartera festival
  • Ri gastro
  • Rijeka advent- beautiful Christmas time
  • Jazz time festival
  • Rijeka tattoo expo
  • Shopping- ZTC Rijeka, Tower center Rijeka
  • Ski resort Platak- skiing with the scent of the sea
  • Swimming pool Kantrida
  • Pubs and night clubs- Phanas pub, Cukaricafe bar, Mystique club, Code bar, Night
  • bar Karolina
  • Restaurants, taverns, pizzerias- Restaurant Molo longo, Restaurant Municipium,
  • Restaurant Gardens, Bistro la Rose, Restaurant Spagho, Tarsa tavern


OPATIJA- romantic, queen, sublime

Opatija, the queen of Croatian tourism has the longest tradition of tourism in our country. Beautiful nature, climate, sea, parks, hotels and old Austrian villas, seaside promenade and beaches attract tourists from all over the world for more than 160 years. You will feel its magic, at the first steps through its streets, walking along the 12 km long Promenade close to sea, enjoying the beautiful parks and architecture. Be sure to pay attention to the numerous statues and fountains, and then stop at one of the famous Opatija’s cafes and restaurants. The tourist offering of Opatija includes its congress facilities, indoor swimming pools, wellness programmes, discotheques, summer theater, carnivals, festivals, and opportunities for shorter trips to nearby surroundings or all-day excursions to the Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak National Park, island Krk and Rab or even to Venice in Italy. You will feel its romantic soul, no matter which part of a year you come.


  • Maiden with seagul- one of the main Opatija’s symbols
  • Villa Angiolina
  • Lungomare- seaside promenade
  • Hotel Kvarner- the oldest hotel in the East cost of the Adriatic, built 1884.
  • Croatian walk of fame
  • Juraj Šporer arts pavilion
  • Church of Our Lady of the annunciation- neo Romanesque style, from 1906.
  • Saint Jacob’s church
  • Open air theatre of Opatija
  • Učka Nature park


  • Wellness- in numerous hotels and wellness centers milenijhoteli.com, thalasso-wellness.com, hotel-adriatic.hr
  • Walking along 12 km long seafront promenade Lungomare
  • Swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing
  • Biking
  • Nightlife- nightclubs Hemingway, Galija
  • Restaurants- Restaurant Bevanda, Restaurant Plavi podrum